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Tailoring Technology to Treatment

Immediately after

Immediately after the seeds have been implanted, you may notice some bruising beneath the scrotum and tenderness between the legs. This is the place where the needles that delivered the seeds were inserted. You will have an ice bag placed between your legs whilst in the recovery room, to help reduce this bruising and discomfort.

Once the catheter has been removed after your CT scan, you may notice some discomfort when passing urine. While in hospital, your urine will be filtered, to ensure that any loose seeds that you may pass are caught. This event is rare and if it does occur it will usually happen within the first 24 hours following implantation of the seeds. We will check that you are able to pass urine satisfactorily before you are discharged home.

A small percentage of patients (about 5 patients in every 100) may hold a significant residual amount of urine in their bladder immediately after the seeds are implanted. If this happens a catheter will be inserted into your bladder to drain the retained urine. It may be necessary to have a catheter in place for a week or so, until your bladder starts to empty properly again. If this happens to you we will teach you what to do.

CT Scan

A CT scan (computer tomography scan) is used to obtain detailed pictures of the prostate and the surrounding tissue.

The CT scan utilises X-rays to produce images and is a painless procedure.