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Tailoring Technology to Treatment

Max Stinchcombe, 54, Southampton

Max is a happily married man with two children. He has a rewarding career as a bank manager in Southampton and likes to spend his weekends on the golf course. In fact, it was on the golf course 4 years ago that he first learnt he had prostate cancer.

“I had just had a routine company medical which showed a slightly elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) score which I was told could be indicative of the early stages of prostate cancer. My wife was very concerned and insisted that I go to the GP to get it checked out. My GP immediately referred me to a urologist who took a rather painful biopsy.”

The results of the biopsy were due back on the day of an important golf match, so Max left his wife to take the call convinced nothing was wrong. “I will always remember my wife calling me on the first hole with the momentous words - Max, you have cancer”, said Max. “I immediately went into the stereotypic man's response by denying anything was wrong and carried on playing golf as usual. I even stayed for the prize giving ceremony in the evening.